Monday, January 9, 2012

Winter Quarter...

Santa Clara Winter Quarter. Technically the word winter could be challenged this year we’ve had such a mild season so far. But the quarter is indeed back in session; starting up today.

I told Andie I need to spruce up my wardrobe for school to look a little less matronly. So, of course, Andie razzed me that my effort to look more stylish is just an attempt to get some invitations to join study groups. That Andie....she’s on to me.

Truthfully, I’m just trying to look less out of place. It seems like most of the graduate students are in their 20’s. So, I’m old enough to easily be the mother of most of my classmates. It is what it is but you can’t fault me for trying to look less conspicuous.

The first assignment I turned in last quarter came back with admonition to use a smaller font. Oops! My grade on the paper was decent but I realized that my professor probably assumed I was trying to make my paper appear longer. In reality, I just used a larger font inadvertently. With my waning eyesight I’ve increased font sizes on my computer and I’d meant to change the paper to a smaller size before turning it in but I forgot.

So, at least this 2nd quarter I’m up to speed on appropriate font size regulations and a few more social mores for the collegiate life. And, while I feel a little like a returning dinosaur, I’m grateful to be there. Learning in the classroom setting again is exciting, there’s no question I appreciate it more now than during my undergraduate years. And, if my classes this winter are as enjoyable as my fall classes were then it should a great quarter.