Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The NORDSTROM of the Fast Food Industry!

"The Customer is Always Right!" Unless they happen to be Wrong! Which happened to me, the Consumer, last summer at Jack in the Box. Only this is not a rant on poor customer service because this time being wrong (or misinformed really) gave an employee an opportunity to go above and beyond their duty to be nice (accommodating, generous, etc).

One morning I ordered a Diet Coke from the Drive Thru Window. Later on (yes, I drink too much soda!), I returned and ordered another. But as I pulled up at the window the nice young man remembered me from earlier (yes, that is embarrassing) and asked me why I didn't come inside and REFILL my drink. Since I assumed the "free refills" concept applied while eating in the lovely Jack in the Box Dining Room, I told him I didn't think I was eligible to fill up a cup I had bought hours ago and taken home.

I was assured that I was more than welcome to REFILL anytime during the day of purchase. Unlimited Free Refills?! Really?! This was GOOD and BAD news! Good/Great - on the pocketbook but Bad/Disastrous - for anyone trying to quit an insidious habit of drinking caffeinated beverages!

So, while the friendly fast food franchise has NOT helped me wean-myself-from-Diet-Coke; you can't argue that their Customer Service is Great! Free Refills - All Day! That Jack! He Really is a Nice Guy!