Saturday, September 19, 2009

National Enquirer.: "Horrified Mother Helpless as BABY reaches LEGAL AGE!"

Paigey-Pants is turning Twenty One today! How could this be!? Has it really been 21 years since I our #3 child arrived at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego?Our SoCal Baby!

For a little nostalgia, a recap of Paige's 1st Birthday - celebrated 20 years ago in La Jolla! The photo at right is sporting our Topless Towheaded Daughter receiving instructions (and a little help) from an excited Big Bro on blowing out that 1 candle on her frozen-yogurt-birthday-cake-pie!

Paige's 1st birthday was celebrated with her collection of Fans of ALL ages at the YMCA! Since Andie and Webb were on the "Swim San Diego" team they had daily workouts which meant that Paige was a Poolside Fixture. Which meant that the swimmers who adored babies were constantly asking to hold Paige, and, as she got older to carry her around, and then to play with her. Paige was like the local Torrey Pines YMCA Celebrity!

Another Mom brought her baby with siblings on the team but this baby was a little lacking in good nature and personality (as in, she'd SCREAM if ANYONE tried to hold her). Her fussy nature just aided Paige's popularity as the Friendly, Smiling Baby (whose Mother (Me) was happy to let others enjoy her! Meaning: "this is my 3rd kid... you can return, whenever....but No Rush!) Even Andie and Webb were pleased with all of Paige's notoriety at the Y - since their status was raised by mere sibling association.

So, today Paige is celebrating 21 years in a new setting (new city, new school, new apartment, new friends). With all the "new" she might not garner all the attention of 20 years ago at the other "Y" (YMCA and the new "Y" - BYU). But the good news is that Paige is still the happy, smiling, good natured, well loved, and adored person! And she's learned a few things in the past 20 years too! Like the etiquette to wear a shirt at the dinner table! Birthday Greetings to our 21 year-old "Baby" Pooge!

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  1. Wow, that is a great picture! Brent looks exactly the same(maybe a little longer haircut). I can't believe how long Paige's hair was for being just a year old too; Bre still hardly has any!