Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Time Out! Adults Who Act like 2 Year Olds!

"People Who Fly Into a Rage Always Make a Bad Landing!" - Will Rogers

The past week brought three interesting Adult Temper Tantrums! #1. Representative Joe Wilson screaming "You Lie" during President Obama's Health Care Speech! #2. Serena Williams goes loco in a US Open Tennis Match after she's called for a foot fault! #3. Kanye West, yanks the microphone from Taylor Swift accepting her music award and rudely endorses Beyonce Knowles as the best female vocalist! I missed seeing the actual rants in the Sports, Entertainment, and Political arenas. But it appears we are sinking to a new low; no venue is immune to Adult Tirades anymore!

All three of the Angry Celebrities have Apologized! So, I'm certainly not planning to vilify their character (or lack of) any further. Seems like they can handle that on their own! Personally, I think it might behoove Americans to heed President Obama's charge at his Inaugural Address when he quoted Paul's wise counsel to the Corinthians "that when we grow up, we must put away childish things." The current onslaught of Public Temper Tantrums seems to be exactly the kind of Bad Behavior he was referring to!

There used to be a Modicum of Decorum in the Tennis World, in Awards Shows, and especially respect when our United States President is speaking! The outbursts make me wonder where we went wrong that people feel above good manners and polite behavior! Clearly everyone has moments of anger and frustration but when so many adults struggle to keep there emotions in check in public, it might be time to question why! My personal guess is that too many people Never Grow Up in a world that coddles immature antics!

In parenting toddlers thru the "Terrible Two's" we were taught to IGNORE them or put them in "Time Out" to quell a tantrum! Unfortunately, in the Adult World it seems that the media perpetuates the concept that "there is no such thing as bad publicity." By focusing so much attention on Kanye, Serena, and Rep. Wilson I think society might be in for more explosions! As copycats see the endorsements come in for Joe Wilson and watch Kanye and Serena parading the talk show circuit offering yet another "mea culpa" it starts to seem like good business to lose your cool! And I don't think that is very cool!