Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Name is Kathryn and I am an "ISH"oholic!

Lately I am constantly using "ISH" after words! I think I'm reluctant to completely commit and "ish" gives me some wiggle room.

Am I hungry? Hungry. ish.
How about full? Full. ish.
Was the movie funny? Funny. ish.

Were the students tardy? Tardy. ish.
Is she pretty? Pretty. ish.
Was it pricey? Pricey. ish.

I guess I can make something APPROXIMATE as opposed to EXACT by "ish"ing it! And, like any addictive behavior, once you start "ish"ing words, it becomes difficult to stop! You find yourself responding with ISH STATEMENTS all the time! Which starts to seem a little immature and juvenile. Ish. At least for someone who is fifty! Ish.