Thursday, September 10, 2009

And You Think You've Got TROUBLES! or SPEAK no Evil!

Question: What do you call a Veterinarian with Laryngitis?
Answer: A Hoarse Doctor.

Paige's first week at BYU was relatively smooth! Smooth enough to lull her into complacency before the deluge that hit on week two! It started with a Backed Up Toilet, followed by Car Problems, and culminated in Losing Her Voice! Trouble Travels in Threes; in case you haven't heard that superstitious fact!

The Toilet was an easy a Plunger and get to work! And thanks to Triple AAA, the car was a hassle but turned out to be a dead battery; a short term issue. But, LARYNGITIS, when you are trying to meet new people at a new campus - this can be a Big Frustration! Particularly for someone like Paige who prefers the Smooth, Unruffled Life Path! Not one to complicate things if she can help it, Paige does not take kindly to complications beyond her control! This is my kindhearted way of stating that Paige can get Easily Annoyed!

Hopefully by the time Paige reads this post her vocal cords will be fully functional! If not, I think she might be enlisting the Surgeon General... taking her case straight to the top since she doesn't appreciate my opinion that a doctor will only tell her to Rest Her Voice. Or Quit Smoking! (Ha)

Lest Paige think I am uncaring; I actually have more compassion for laryngitis than most. I happen to have Chronic Vocal Nodules which I'm stating just to acknowledge that I do know something about this condition! See, I have more than sympathy, I can actually EMPATHIZE...I've Been There, Done That!

Like any good trial in life, Paige will certainly gain new admiration for those Vocal Cords that she usually doesn't give a 2nd thought to! That's the beauty of challenges: when we lose something we generally took for granted we suddenly realize how lucky we are to have had it in the 1st place!

In the meantime, we'll all look forward to hearing Paige's voice return! No one can utter PaigeSpeak quite like Paige! We'd hate for that language to become extinct like Latin!

Question: What would you call Sir Lancelot if he lost his voice?
Answer: Silent Night.