Saturday, September 26, 2009

BYU Parents Weekend! The Happening Place for Cool Parents!

"It kills you to see them grow up. But I guess it would kill you quicker if they didn't." -Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Dreams

Looks like Paige can't quite get rid of us! She tried the "I've-Got-an- Anatomy-Midterm, Lots-to-Study" Excuse to see if we'd bow out of our scheduled visit to Provo this weekend! ....Not a chance!

We arrived Friday with our Cougar Blue duds to cheer on the football team and join the other Hovering Helicopter Moms and Dad in town for BYU Parents Weekend!

Paige may as well resign herself to the fact that as the last child we will happily "Be There" for any & all events! I still remember when it occurred to Paige that while Andie and Webb were in high school we had to "divide and conquer" events but by her time we could BOTH show up at meets, school functions, etc.! This undivided attention wasn't exactly what she had in mind!

Now I feel like an endangered species! At risk of possible parenting extinction! This may well be our very last college parents weekend! Although Paige will have to admit that there are perks to hanging with the rents on a Friday night. Perks like fur-lined Sanuks and a Dakine backpack! Yeah, Paige knows how to work the system!

With parenting power and control steadily slipping away who can I boss around? Maybe I should actually consider Webb's (strong and oft repeated) suggestions that we replace Kona! A new puppy to train!? Hmmmm?.....that might be more Parenting Responsibility than I'm up for. Besides, I don't think they have "Parent's Weekend" for Dog Obedience Schools! And what fun is parenting without weekends like this!