Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Name Your Favorite Favorite!

We had our Seminary students fill out lists of some favorites! Favorite color. Favorite ice cream flavor. Favorite cartoon character. Favorite school class. Etc. They loved comparing notes with each other. It was a fun diversion activity and their responses were a kick to read! We definitely have some diverse tastes in the group.

Personally, I get frustrated when I have to HONE something down to a specific "favorite." It feels too confining. Too restrictive. Too subjective to my mood at any given moment. A favorite book one summer will be replaced by another read in the winter. Or, PURPLE was a favorite color for years which phased into plum and periwinkle hues leading to more blueish tones. And now, BLUE is my favorite color. Who can pick a singular favorite in various categories when we are constantly changing and evolving ourselves? I certainly can't!

For most of the things I REALLY care about (like BOOKS) it feels completely OVERWHELMING to try to narrow down to a favorite novel or a favorite biography, etc. If I choose "A," then what about "B"? And we I can't forget "C!" I'm forever second guessing my answers!

Having an overabundance of FAVORITES (or reluctance to commit to a sole #1) is probably NOT A BAD THING! Indecisive, maybe. But better to have MANY favorites (in most categories) than NONE! Right? Or am I just more FICKLE than the rest of the people on the planet?