Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Blessing of LIFE LONG Friendships!

"Sociologists now have data showing that women who can maintain friendships through the decades are healthier and happier, with stronger marriages." -Wall Street Journal Columnist Jeffrey Zaslow

Women who nuture decades-long friendships have said they feel like Traveling Companions; sharing the same point on the same timeline, hitting the same milestones together. This picture is a high school version of me with some of my Traveling Companions on the sidelines of a Highland High School Football game! The photo was probably taken in 1976. From left to right: Linda Dunn, Shelly Tingey, K2, and Diane Judkins.

As my kids know, Linda and Shelly are two of my dearest lifelong friends. Diane and I stay is touch more through other mutual friends. But all four in the photo are happily married. I was the last wedding of the 4 in the picture so most couples are getting close to 30 years of married life! All 4 of us are healthy and active too!

Columnist Jeffrey Zaslow also says that "Women who maintain long friendships believe their relationships thrive because they had raised some expectations and lowered others. They had come to expect loyalty and good wishes from each other, but not constant attention. If a friend didn't return an email or phone call, they realized it didn't mean she was angry or backing away from the friendship; she was likely just exhausted from her day."

Researchers say that if women are still friends at age forty, there's a strong likelihood they'll be lifelong friends. "Female friends show us a mirror of ourselves," one researcher said. I have had amazing friends in my life and some of the most incredible ones are girlfriends I have known the very longest! I hope all of my kids will be as lucky in the friend department as I have been! It has been a huge blessing to have girlfriends who I look up to and admire!

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  1. Agreed. Friends are important in all our lives, and especially for women. that bond is simply invaluable. I too am totally blessed with amazing friends who I look to as examples to me. there's nothing like good friends to inspire you to be better all the time. I like this picture of you and the "Highland girls"- very fun. I admire the way you've kept in touch with these incredible women as well. they are just great!