Monday, September 28, 2009

"Getting Off My High Horse!" ..or... "Practicing A Little Humility"

"You shouldn't gloat about anything you've done; you ought to keep going and find something better to do." -David Packard (as in, Hewlett and Packard)

I'm a little embarrassed about tooting my own horn in yesterdays blog! I got a little carried away by the thrill of actually winning my age group. I didn't mean to give myself a Shout Out! Or did I?

I'd be better off to learn from President Lincoln who is credited with saying that "what kills a skunk is the publicity it gives itself."

I've heard people criticize Bloggers calling them/us "Narcissists" so maybe it was inevitable that the Me-Me-Me Talk would takeover at some point!

Well, in the interest of full disclosure....the 5K alum run was subtitled a "Fun Run" which is code for this is not the elite running crowd! Before the starting gun the announcer went over the rules and the course. And I have NEVER in any race in my life heard a race official define the route using words like "....after a few jigs and some jogs you'll curve to the left....." Jigs and Jogs? See what I mean! This was not a hard core crowd; no one even flinched when he said jigs and jogs at least 3 times in his course description! In other words, serious runners don't do Jigs and Jogs; they Run!

But all's well that ends well! And Paige won 1st female fair and square and she had a great run! So, I'll try to tone it down a notch on the self promotion but as a Mother I still reserve the right to brag about my children!

"Humility is like underwear, essential, but indecent if it shows." -Helen Nielsen