Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Boarding and some skiing too...

We had a great time on the slopes yesterday. Even with the lack of snow there are enough groomed runs that it’s worth going out. Although this is the most barren I’ve ever seen the snow in Tahoe.

You wouldn’t know any of the Knudsen’s hadn’t been snowboarding for awhile, they were all looking pretty sharp. My skiing, however, never improves these days; I just stay in the game so I don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Whenever we take a ski vacation I marvel that anyone can afford to ski and snowboard. It’s a great family sport but it’s ridiculously expensive. Just the equipment and lift passes are costly and then add to that a stay at a cabin; you wonder how all these people on the mountain can pay for this fun but high priced recreation!

One highlight for us was spending the evening with Brian & Jane Stanton and Jane’s family. They were also here at Tahoe and we all got together for a fun game night. We played a few rounds of As Soon As Possible, so Brian’s in-laws could see how exceptional he is at ASAP. Then we played Catch Phrase and Taboo with the competitive boys team beating our less intense girls team.

Today we’re heading back out for more skiing (for me) and boarding (for the rest of the bunch). Fun, fun, fun!