Friday, December 16, 2011

Emily’s Activity....

I haven’t had a play date with Emily for awhile so I was delighted Jennifer needed someone to watch her yesterday afternoon.

Emily was in great spirits and had plenty to talk about. My favorite line was while Emily ate her snack from the counter and pointed out our plastic nativity proudly noting: “I have an activity like that.”

Activity. Nativity. I can see the confusion. Unfortunately, once I called it by the correct term of nativity I couldn’t get Emily to call it an activity again. Too bad, it sounded awfully cute!

When Emily accompanied me to the post office, Hope, the best employee ever, was asking Emily all sorts of Christmas questions. Hope is always happy, always smiling; the perfect postal attendant to engage a four-year old child in serious discussion.

Hope wanted to know all about Emily’s Christmas tree and when she asked if the lights blinked, Emily pondered this question. Finally Emily stated firmly: “No, they twinkle.” You’ve gotta love kids figuring out new vocabulary. I’m not sure what Emily’s definition would be for blinking lights but it is clearly different in her mind than twinkling lights.

Emily also talked about getting big like her Dad. But, she said she probably won’t ever get as big as her dad. She said: “I will probably be as big as my mom, who is a human." I noted that she is already a human but Emily disagreed saying: “Not yet. I’m still little, I’m not a human yet.” Hmm...

I think Emily and I should have play dates more often so I can chronicle all this interesting information. Jennifer probably doesn’t have time to take notes on all of Emily’s quirky observations. And like I said, yesterday she was very talkative which pretty much assures unique commentary. Funny girl!