Friday, December 30, 2011

Have (Extra Large) Car, Will Travel...

It takes one large vehicle to transport 6 adults, one dog, snowboards with boots and gear, skis with boots and poles, food, and snow clothes. Unfortunately, we don’t own any cars large enough for the task.

My Volvo SUV might have 7 seat belts but the cargo space is tiny. So, these days, for any travel that involves “stuff,” we need to either drive 2 of our cars or rent something ridiculously big.

There aren’t that many options when you need people space and cargo room too. A Yukon/Suburban type only works if it’s a Yukon XL.

We found one of the only extra large vehicle rentals left in the Bay Area for our Tahoe trip. And, it is a lot more fun to all be together in the same car, even if a dog is part of the package. It’s just a little embarrassing to have become Extra Large travelers!