Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Northstar at Tahoe...

Yesterday we made the trek to Tahoe with plans to ski and snowboard this week. It will be interesting to see how this goes since the snow looked pretty sparse on the drive up.

But Northstar claims to have 16 of 20 lifts open so they must have a lot of man made snow.

If the skiing is lousy at least we’ve rented a great cabin and have plenty of good food. Our traditional stop at Ikeeda’s in Auburn always insures we’ll have tasty treats, especially things like razzleberry cobbler (my personal favorite).

Last night the guys (Brent, Webb, & Korey) built a Jenga tower 33 stories high which we assume is the highest to come out of our Jenga game yet. If we can just raise it to 36 stories they can all quit their jobs and become professional Jenga players!

We’ll head up to the slopes after breakfast but if the snow conditions are too bad we can just come back to the cabin and practice our Jenga skills!