Monday, December 5, 2011

Tea, Chinese Tea, is the Best Tea!

This post relates to one of Andie’s special talents.

Since Andie has been going to The Nutcracker at least annually for her entire life, it shouldn’t surprise anyone to learn that she’s written lyrics to Tchaikovsky’s entire musical score.

Andie pretty much has a song to accompany every one of the dances. The rendition that gets stuck in my head is hearing “Tea Chinese Tea, is the best Tea.”

We’ll see The Nutcracker in San Francisco later this month but on Friday night we saw Sophie Ryvola in the San Jose Ballet production. Then, Andie entertained us all the way home with her original lyrics.

I’d only heard Andie's version of the Chinese dancers before last weekend but she’s got verses to go along with the whole ballet. And even though her lyrics are kind of goofy, it does take a creative mind to put words to every dance in The Nutcracker!