Saturday, December 10, 2011

Sub-for-Santa Project Looms Large....

I was so focused on school that I didn’t pay much attention to the fact that I am way behind on holiday preparation. So, once my tests and papers were complete the reality set in. I’ve got to really hustle to catch up before Christmas day arrives.

Fortunately my decorations are now up. Whew! That’s always a big undertaking and a big relief to have done.

Now the Christmas cards are the next big project to tackle. Unfortunately, I’ve been spending all my much time tracking down speciality items for the PCG Secret Santa family from Brent’s service project at work. I was almost finished until Brent generously brought home the gift list nobody volunteered to provide.

The items requested this year have gotten pretty specific. No more tags like “toys for a 3 year-old boy.” This family wants a certain brand bicycle for a little boy, Disney computer games, Disney comforters and sheet sets, Costco gift cards, etc.

I hope someone vetted the family in need because they certainly challenge the “beggars can’t be choosers” sentiment. I’m sure they’re wonderful and worthy recipients, but they are also quite picky about choosing specific name brand items for all their requests. I’ve had to run all over town trying to find a match for several gifts.

This subbing for Santa can be exhausting! Ho, Ho, Ho!