Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kitchen Contraband...

I opened the fridge yesterday to find a can of diet coke on the shelf. And I’m happy to report that it looked completely out of place!

What used to be a staple in my diet has been banished from the homefront for almost 2 years running. Once I quit drinking diet coke it’s been an unwelcome guest.

It turns out that the diet coke was smuggled in by Andie. She’s cut back her consumption drastically but not completely given up the insidious habit. Come on, Andie, you can do it!

The cool thing for me is that diet coke no longer holds any appeal. I’m not even tempted by it lurking on my fridge shelf. Just annoyed! This is real progress for someone like me who really was addicted to the caffeine.

When I think back on how much money I wasted on carbonated drinks it makes me cringe. It’s hard to believe that I used to nurse diet coke cans throughout my day.

One of the best incentives to stop drinking diet coke came from my dentist, Dr. Hoover, who confirmed that not only is there absolutely no value in any of the ingredients (obviously!) but the carbonation (and coloring) is terrible for your teeth.

Now that I don’t drink soda I’ve got lots of extra room in my fridge for kale and chard and spinach and things that actually benefit the body! However, as Paige has pointed out, I can’t just buy the healthy stuff, I actually need to eat it! And, I have to keep a vigilant watch out for stealth diet coke drinkers who try to smuggle in contraband too!