Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Dental Drama....

I will never eat another Pfeffurnusse (German spice cookie) from Trader Joes again. A couple of days ago while biting into one, the unusually hard coating tore out my tooth (tooth #10 for dental reference).

The immediate problem was looking like a hillbilly with a big gaping hole. A terrifying sight! But Dr. Hoover came to my rescue and glued my tooth temporarily back in place.

Then, yesterday I had to suffer marathon dental appointments to repair all the damage. The first item of business was a root canal from an endodontist. After that, it was back to Dr. Hoover’s office for the remainder of the dental work.

While it might sound fairly smooth (and the repair was) the drama ensued over the weekend before Monday’s dental appointments. This is because on Saturday night the glued tooth became so loose I basically had to hold it in place almost everywhere I went over the weekend. And I went to several things (church, a fireside, a setting apart, etc.) And I could only eat soft food. And talking was frustratingly precarious too. None of this was any fun at all. In fact, it was miserable!

The whole ordeal was such a hassle that I’m throwing out the rest of the pfeffurnusse cookies so no one else will meet the same fate. Buyer beware! And to think that I used to really like those spice cookies. What was I thinking?

Our awesome dentists, Rex and Andy Hoover, both cautioned me to stay away from popcorn too. Apparently the common culprits for cracked and fractured teeth are often popcorn kernels, as well as nuts, granola, and squirrel food (their term). And Brent would add chicken wings to that list since that was his demise last time Dr. Hoover had to rescue a Knudsen with dental woes.

So, I’ve now been properly warned! You can also feel free to consider this post a cautionary tale!