Monday, December 26, 2011

A Sabbath Christmas

I loved having Christmas fall on a Sunday this year. Attending church Christmas morning made the day feel more meaningful; more Christ and less Santa Claus.

Our Sacrament meeting was great. Lots of music with a nice mix from the choir, congregation, and others and just one message from bishopric counselor Dave Bohn (who is always a good speaker).

Rob & Melisse Myers happened to be in town so it was an added bonus to see them and their three adorable kids (Elsa, Carter, & Hazel). Talking to Melisse about the murder of her brother, Bishop Clay Sanner, last year was really incredible. His death was a terrible tragedy but hearing some of the family stories was a great lesson re. people who have strong faith and firm testimonies of the plan of salvation. Bishop Sander’s wife sounds like an amazing person.

Another highlight for Christmas was getting in on the missionary call to Hermana Holland. Our families had gotten together for dinner and I didn’t want to impose on family time during their phone call to Rachael but I’m so glad we got to participate.

There’s something tender about talking to a missionary on Christmas. Since missionaries daily lives are all about spreading the gospel message their focus is different than the mundane things I fixate on. Rachael seems happy. You can tell she loves the people. She loved talking to us but you can also tell that her heart is in Texas and New Mexico right now (which is exactly how it should be). I liked Rachael’s advice that we need to keep doing the daily things (ah, it’s always those basics, those Primary answers).

Finally, speaking of missionaries, our favorite Temple Square Sister Missionary, Amy Harmer arrived home last Tuesday. The Harmer's had a surprise dinner Friday night with salmon, filet mignon, shrimp pasta, veggie pasta, etc. Cindy had even made home made eclairs and my favorite, her signature rolls. There is never a shortage of food at anything held at the Harmers!

Amy is doing well. On New Year’s Day (another holiday on Sunday) we’ll get to hear her full mission report. Something to look forward to...