Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Oscars...

Winning the Knudsen family Oscar competition is becoming Webb’s monopoly. The rest of us have a hard time competing. I believe it’s at least Webb’s 3rd or 4th consecutive year as the victor.

I probably saw a few more of the movie nominees this year than I usually do. And the movies I saw, I really enjoyed.

The Artist and The Help were two personal favorites, so I was delighted to see The Artist get Best Picture.

It sounds like Webb won (or tied) a few other Oscar contests he entered with friends and co-workers. Out of 24 Oscars, Webb correctly guessed 19. This score wouldn’t ace one of my statistics tests but it garnered him 1st place in our household....which goes to show you what a difference the competition makes (or doesn’t in this instance!).