Friday, February 24, 2012

Home Beach Home...

Paige’s new digs are in Huntington Beach aka (the true) Surf City, USA! Paige called it her Home Beach Home, so I'll copy that phrase.

Huntington Beach looks like a fun place for Paige, her beach cruiser bike will be perfect here. I drove down to deliver her “stuff” and to help Paige get settled in.

These are some of my favorite projects; helping my kiddos unload, basically make a big mess, then organize and spruce up their new dwellings. There are plenty of tasks I’m lousy at, but this is one job that works well for my skill set.

There also happen to be good life lessons amidst the chaos of a move. For example, Paige’s heavy new bed and mattress was already in a particular spot so we starting working around it, finding other locations for the dresser, bookshelf, end table, etc. Except at one point I knew that the ideal place for the bookshelf would mean the hassle of moving the bed.

I almost didn’t bother. There was another spot we could set up the bookshelf that would work. Going the easy route wouldn’t slow down the process and waste time shifting the bed. But, I also knew it would bug me; when something isn’t quite right, the gnawing bother can be relentless!

So, my obsessive nature took over and I moved the bed enough to put the bookcase where it should go. And wa 'la, everything came together! In fact, the re-arrange didn’t really take that long.

Sometimes I can be well into a project and realize the simplest option is to power through but the best option is to go back and correct something before I go any further. Obviously I’m reluctant to back track but sometimes it’s better for the long term outcome.

So, that’s just a quick metaphor from getting Paige moved into her new place in Huntington Beach. But, it’s not all work and no play here in the OC. Oh no. We’ve been to Sprinkles Cupcakes and Yogurtland and Fashion Island and yummy dinners; just to make sure I get in a so cal vacation too! Paige and I even ran into my lifelong buddy, Shelly Tingey, on a trip from Utah, at the Lululemon store - talk about a what-are-the-odds coincidence!