Sunday, February 12, 2012

Suing God....

I read a story of a man in Romania who sued God for "fraud" and "betrayal of trust" for failing to answer his prayers. The case was dismissed in court. Apparently, the court declared that they had no jurisdiction over God.

It's a humorous story but insightful. I can feel for the man and his plight. If my prayers aren't answered quickly I've been known to feel a little miffed. Or, if they aren’t answered in the way I might be expecting or wanting, it can be sort of perplexing.

Ah, but in feeling confused or unhappy with the answer, I’m afraid I miss the point of prayer.

Also, a Nebraska state senator tried to sue God several years ago seeking a permanent injunction to prevent God from committing acts of violence such as earthquakes and tornadoes. The case was thrown out because you can't sue God if you can't serve the papers on him.

I’m afraid the world has become a bit too litigious when people try to sue God. I’m just saying...