Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Give It Up.....for Lent!

Give it up.....for Lent!

It’s cool that Lent falls on 2/22/12 this year (almost all 2’s). But the best part of Lent (for me anyway) is that fact that we don’t give up 2 things, or 3 or more, but just 1!

1 is a good number for me! I tend to be more of a 1 on 1 person. And, "1 thing at a time" is a slogan I can work with.

So, since 1 goal of abstinence works well for my singular-focused personality type, I’m generally pretty successful when it comes to observing Lent.

In fact, the past two Lenten seasons have been some of my best. In 2010 I quit drinking Diet Coke. Which, for the record, was really hard. Then, in 2011 I quit drinking Diet 7-up (and all carbonated drinks) that had replaced the Diet Coke. And, best of all, I didn't just quit for Lent, but I’ve stayed off all carbonated drinks. And that is a vice I’m proud to be rid of!

So, this year I’m going to give up (drumroll please)......all breads! That might sound lame, but I am a real bread fiend. So it will be a good experience for me to have to get my supply of carbohydrates via fruits and vegetables. Starting now (but just until Easter).

This won’t be like my expulsion of soda from the diet, once Lent is over I might have to have a Bread Buffet to celebrate my re-entry!