Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where the Buffalo Roam...

This might be a “had to be there” experience but hopefully it will still work with the retell.

A week or so ago, Andie told a friend that it had been a rough morning getting out the door. This was shared (of course) via text messaging. So, I think her text officially said: It’s been a tough morning; I had a hard time getting out the door."

Justin replied (also through text): “Why? Was there a buffalo in front of your door?”

This achieved the desired result and immediately made Andie laugh (which she shared with me and I found it quite hilarious). Just the visual is perfect; you’re having a slow going morning, a hard time getting your act together and then you try to get out the door only to have a buffalo standing in your way!

Neither Andie or I can figure out what caused Justin to think of a buffalo blockading her exit but we definitely thought it was funny! In fact, I don’t know about Andie but I think it's hard to focus on a challenging time getting out of bed when you are suddenly plagued with bison images. Well, at least I got a kick out of the buffalo visual for most of that day (and then some) albeit I am fairly easily amused!