Tuesday, February 7, 2012

And a 12 Hour Sunday...

I was feeling a little smug yesterday after I blogged about not minding our 3 hour church block. It probably wasn’t my most humble post and I apologize if I sounded a little aren’t-I-the-bomb, loving every minute of church on Sundays.

I really didn’t intend to sound bragadocious. In fact, my happy-to-spend-3-hours@church gushing was tempered a bit as I realized that Brent’s Sabbath workload was a full 12 hour day. Seriously.

Brent started his day at 6 am, which I can’t give him much sympathy for since he initiated that meeting (what was he thinking?). After that he went from church to one stake president duty and another, returning home after 6 pm.

Incredibly, he had no qualms about the extensive workload, rather he was energized by hearing stories of church members and their journeys. It turns out every member has a unique story and listening to testimonies makes a long day almost fly by.

Church leaders who give of their time so generously, as President Hodgman did, and now President Knudsen does, are blessed for their service. I really believe that. One of those blessings is clearly strengthening or shoring up of their own testimony. And vicariously, my own is buoyed up through Brent sharing his experiences.

Twelve hours is a long Sabbath work day, but there are a lot of worse ways to wile away a weekend!