Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Closet Eater...

Sometimes my sense of humor is pretty lame. I can get caught up on something I find funny and laugh about it all day. Not non-stop, but, whenever I re-think about the humorous visual.

Yesterday I was reading a research article for one of my psychology classes. The case study involved a teenage young woman and referred to her as “a closet eater.” Now, I’ve heard this term before, so I’m not disparaging their lingo. But, the visual that popped into my head was a girl eating her closet! I mean, couldn’t you read “a closet eater” a couple of different ways?

So, the image of a girls who eats closets made me laugh and I laughed about it throughout the entire day. The bar is pretty low when it comes to humor, I’m an easy sell!

If anyone wants to test a joke, I may not be a good gauge because I will laugh at some of the dumbest things, things that a general audience might not appreciate. But, all in all, if I’m going to have low standards in something, this is probably as good a thing as any. A closet eater! Cracks me up!