Saturday, February 18, 2012

Where is your Dad?

One of the best things about having little kids over for play dates is the funny comments they come up with. On Wednesday when Jacob Smith came over he put together some pretty intricate Legos structures.

Then, at one point Jacob reminded me that the Bishop lives here too (which isn’t technically true anymore but I didn’t want to take on explaining the in’s and out’s of church leadership).

Shortly after his mention of the Bishop Jacob looked at me and asked: “So, where is your Dad?”

Assuming Jacob meant Brent, I find this quite adorable. It’s happened before with other kids too. They wrap their brain around the fact that Brent = Father and they’re trying to connect the dots to figure out how I fit into the picture. It’s happened to Andie at our house too.

Little kids seem to perceive a Mom as someone who has little kids (like them), so I don’t quite fit that description, my kids are too big and maybe I’m too old to be the mom.

So, this isn’t exactly that Brent looks like my Dad, it’s just the disconnect with the mind of a 4 year-old and putting the puzzle pieces together. In fact, maybe Jacob thinks that Brent is the Dad and I am the Grandma. Yikes!

Anyway, I simply told Jacob that my Dad was at work (which was probably true, for my real Dad, that is). Well, Jacob responded matter-of-factly that his Dad was at work too. So, that was that. And then, it was back to the Legos....