Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Celebrating upcoming arrivals....

Becca didn’t really want a baby shower (to each his own and honestly, I can relate) but we did figure out an untraditional way to celebrate the impending arrival of Kennedy (if you ask Jared) or Hazel (if you ask Becca).

Hazel or Kennedy, chosen name notwithstanding, the Petersons are darling parents, so their 2nd daughter is wise to choose such a great home to land in. The transition to share rank with a sibling might be a bit of an adjustment for Chloe but she’ll figure it out!

We had a fun evening last Saturday and the best part was enlisting the men to participate; a couple’s shower soiree! Most of the guys had never been to a baby shower of sorts, so it was humorous to watch them bumble through the game and then have Jared designated to open presents. And, Jared was great with gifts; lots of “ooh's & aah’s."

Looking at the photo it’s apparent that I’m sort of the geezer of the group. And, in this bunch I might be the shortest too. Bummer all around! Although, maybe I used to be taller and I’m just shrinking in my old age. Probably not, but that’s one explanation (even if it isn’t true). Oh, well!