Friday, February 17, 2012

Peeling the Onion...

Peeling the onion can be a good metaphor to describe a gradual and layered process of learning.

It seems that while training to be therapists, there is a tendency for wannabes (like myself) to attempt to speed up the process of learning about a client and their issues.

But, like peeling an onion, sometimes/ofttimes the process is slow. You can’t take a cleaver to the onion during the first session.

It’s really not a far stretch from gleaning information from our kids too. When I used to accost my kids the second they walked in the door after a date I’d get zero details. When I asked questions sparingly, I was far more likely to get the interesting scoop.

It’s not the most profound observation but worthwhile. In the long run, we probably get more info from less interrogation. And, it’s probably true not just with our kids or therapy but for relationships in general. I find it worth noting anyway!