Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Behind Every Good Man....

“I am so mad at the press, I could just strangle them.” - Ann Romney, quoted by National Review on how it was getting harder and harder to be cheerful.

Ann is such a trooper! We got to hear both she and Mitt speak last night at another Bay Area fundraising event and Ann is a big asset for the campaign.

I loved Ann’s comments about the 2008 campaign. After it all, she told Mitt they were never doing that again and Mitt reminded Ann that she said that after every pregnancy! And, they went on to have 5 sons!

So, as far as the election, Ann did relinquish and 4 years later they have to go through all the drama again. And, I’m pretty impressed that in spite how tawdry it can get during the media scrutiny, Ann is committed and articulate and a great spokesperson for the Romney campaign.

Ann is definitely Mitt’s biggest cheerleader, and 2 words she uses to describe him are character and competent. Obviously I agree with her assessment and I think Mitt is awfully fortunate to have such a classy wife! Go Ann! Go Mitt!

“Ann is also my best counselor. There is no issue that is important to me, political or personal, in terms of personnel type issues, that I don’t ask Ann’s advice.” -Mitt Romney