Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not Myself...

You know the ditzy person who leaves class without their power cord? That person is (usually) not me.

You know the person who shows up at the Relief Society dinner without contributing any food? That person is (usually) not me either.

This week I keep tripping up, bad behaviors that feel out-of-sorts for me. I mean, I have plenty of bad behaviors, but distraction faux pas and not at least attempting to do my part, aren’t my typical pattern.

Both things are somewhat explainable (written as one adept at rationalizing). At my Monday night class the professor’s Macbook needed charging and since we have twin computers, she borrowed mine during class. Who would turn down that request since the teacher will be giving me a final grade in 2 weeks. But then, class ended and I got all the way home before I realized I had one laptop minus one power cord. Whoops!

With the Relief Society dinner last night I didn’t technically have a food assignment. But, it’s not like me to not attempt to do my share. I’m not trying to sound magnanimous here, but I do like to pitch in. It just felt sort of weird to show up at an activity where I hadn’t helped with anything.

This is one of the problems with school; it’s kind of encroaching on my window to serve sometimes. But, it's giving me a lot of empathy for sisters who work.

During Relief Society it’s pretty standard for sign-up sheets to make their way around class (everything from feeding missionaries to helping others with kids, moves, rides, whatever). It’s not as if I always sign up, but it is new territory for me to find my school load sometimes precludes it.

This has been an exercise in showing restraint when one part of me kinda/sorta/wants to volunteer but the other part of me knows I can’t quite pull it all off.

The purse party for the Los Gatos Ward sisters last night was another Jamie Walton production which translates to amazing in every way! I can’t believe I didn’t take pictures! Happy Birthday Relief Society!