Monday, March 26, 2012

Come Together....

“Come Together, Right Now...Over Me” - The Beatles

Just a week ago it looked like Andie might be moving back to Los Gatos. She’d signed over her Menlo Park lease to another girl and had to be out by the end of March.

But, everything in Palo Alto that felt good was too expensive and everything affordable didn’t seem like a viable option. Hence, things were not panning out, so an interim move back to 25 Alpine was the plan.

Still, as much as Andie adored the idea of moving back in with us (who wouldn’t want to live with us, right?), she claimed the commute to teach in Palo Alto was the vexing problem. Or maybe we were problem and she didn’t have the heart to tell us. But, either which way, it was looking inevitable (much to Andie’s chagrin).

Then, Andie was saved by an 11th hour housing option that miraculously “came together.” We’d been planning to load her stuff last Friday night and bring it back to LG on Saturday. But, she and another gal saw a place Thursday night, signed a lease on Friday and we helped them move in on Saturday.

Every now and then, things just seem to come together! Andie feels quite certain that higher powers were looking out for her on this one. And, hopefully she’ll still come down to LG to hang with the old folks too!