Friday, March 2, 2012

A Grapple a Day....

I love apples. I also love grapes. And, I’ve been disappointed with the crop of piñata apples this year (the flavor just isn’t up to snuff).

So, I was delighted to see a new hybrid-of-sorts, the “grapple.” In fact, I discovered grapples last week in southern California and I’ve eaten all the grapples I brought home so now I’ve got to find them here in the Bay Area.

Apparently they take Fuji apples and soak them in a Concord grape concentrate. The process doesn’t add any extra calories or sugars and it doesn’t alter the great texture of Fuji apples.

The grapple tag line is: “Looks like an apple. Tastes like a grape.” Truthfully, they mostly still taste like apples but they definitely have a grape smell. And, I happen to like them! The idea kind of remind me of Pluots (the plum apricot hybrid).

Oh, yeah, I call them grapples (just apples with an added “gr”) but Grapple Fruits, LLC, that produces them claims the pronunciation is gra-pples (with a long a, like in grape). Or at least that’s how it’s written on their packaging. Either way you say it, give grapples a try!