Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bring It On?

I didn't really notice how dated our house is until designers, contractors, and architects started rummaging through it.

Okay, I knew it could use a face lift but I’m fairly reticent to start changing things because of the snowball effect.

For instance, our hardwood floors desperately need re-finishing but they encroach into the kitchen where the tile and cabinets are old too. So, pretty soon sprucing things up feels overwhelming and potentially more expensive than I’d like.

That’s the scope of the project in prose, below is my rough attempt in poetic form:

For years we’ve considered updating the house,
Especially now, since it’s just me and the spouse.

But to remodel the kitchen, the flooring spills over,
And suddenly the makeover’s all inclusive, moreover.

Choosing cabinets and fixtures and the whole kitchen sink,
I’m afraid details and decisions could drive me to drink! (diet coke, that is)

And, what if we temporarily had to move out and into a rental,
With my reluctance to change, I could go certifiably mental.

Remodel veterans will caution, "over budget you’ll spend,
And the project drags on, it could seem to no end."

When I take in these thoughts, there is a part of my brain,
That says, considering any remodel is rather insane.

Better to live in a place that, while dated, is home,
Than to go crazy deciding over platinum or chrome! -K2