Thursday, March 8, 2012

When are the giants coming over for dinner?

I’m trying to write down funny things cute kids tell me since I have huge regrets I didn’t do more journaling when my own kids were little.

Yesterday I spent my run with darling four-year old Sabrina. Her mom was pushing her sister in another jogger and since I couldn’t keep up with the lead runners (who had no baby joggers to contend with) I fell back a little and it was just Sabrina and I.

Sabrina and I had delightful conversations about Stuart Little, Canadian geese, and making necklaces our of colored straws, but I was a little confused when she asked me when the giants were coming over for dinner. The giants? For dinner?

Soon I figured out that another time Sabrina was over, she noticed the huge fork and spoon hanging in the kitchen, asked about them, and apparently I told her they were to feed the giants when they come for dinner. Oops! I didn’t realize she had taken my tall tale to heart.

Of course, instead of explaining the misunderstanding I got myself in deeper and insisted she should join us the next time the giants dine at our house. Sabrina liked this idea but thought it best not to include her mom (who might get scared).

Running with Sabrina in tow was definitely more fun than running alone, conversational entertainment the entire course. The only demoralizing part was her commentary about losing sight of the lead runners. When Kristy or Jennifer were up ahead she’d say things like: “Wow, they are getting so far ahead, I can hardly see them” or “now I can just see their legs” or “they are starting to look itsy-bitsy."

I should have pointed out that there happened to be runners and walkers behind us too, but next time I guess I should just attempt to keep up. That would eliminate a blow-by-blow account of how wide the gap is getting between us and the fast runners! So, I either need to run faster, or, let Sabrina push me!