Sunday, March 11, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake!

“Qu’ils man gent de la brioche” - French for "let them eat cake.” I think.

It may just be folklore but during one of European famines of the late 1700’s, the French Queen, Marie Antoinette, upon learning the peasants had no bread uttered the famous “Let Them Eat Cake” phrase.

There is no solid evidence Antoinette was actually so heartless. However, in a slight twist, when Anita and Robb saw we had no bread in the house, they brought us cake.

And, not just any cake. Fresh Banana Cake from Icing on the Cake! The best bakery bar none!

Anita and Robb are the most unobtrusive house guests on the planet! They don’t let me feed them, they strip sheets off the bed, bring in our trash cans, do everything for themselves and then give me cake to thank them. I’m not sure for what. I did nothing!

In fact, poor Jake and Albert (their 2 cute Scottish terriers) are probably so glad to take leave from our house where they are exiled to the outside (I promise I invited them in; Anita just knows me too well to take me up on the offer I guess).

Anyway, I promptly took a photo of the cake because it no longer looks like this. Once we slice into this particular make and model there is little restraint. Or, at least, I can’t hold back. We’ve nearly consumed it all (with some help from others on Saturday too).

Plus, Anita kindly pointed out that it IS cake, not bread and therefore does not violate my Lenten sacrifice either. And, although it was a super quick visit (they basically drove all the way down for Dave Francis’s funeral) it was sure fun to see the Terrys (almost like having your cake and eating it too)!