Monday, March 5, 2012

Full of baloney....

Yesterday was Fast Sunday and halfway thru Sacrament Meeting Andie whispered what I thought was: “Do you have any bologna at your house?”

My first thought was “poor Andie, she must really be starving! Bologna? Really?”

But it turns out that Andie was actually inquiring whether we have any “Bolani” which makes a lot more sense. Bolani is this cool Afghani flat bread we’ve been purchasing at the Farmer’s Market and Whole Foods.

So, the answer to both questions is an adamant no. I have no bologna in the house. And, I have no bolani in the house.

Now, I have never purchased bologna in my life, which is why I was puzzled by Andie’s question. It’s just never really been part of my food repertoire. And I didn't have any bolani because technically bolani is bread (which I have given up for Lent). Although now, thanks to Andie and the power of suggestion, I craved bolani for the rest of the day!