Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Humoring the telemarketers...

A telemarketing job would drive me crazy. But, it turns out, without even trying, I'm able to provide some humor for these call center workers.

I came home to a hilarious voicemail message yesterday that I’m saving to replay whenever I need a laugh!

The message is basically an exchange between telemarketer #1 commenting to telemarketer #2. Telemarketer #1 called us, we weren’t home, and our voicemail engaged before she realized she hadn't hung up her phone (or headset?). Now I have a great recording of their exchange.

Telemarketer #1 said: "I would have said Nude-son and the lady’s message says Kanud-sen.” Would you say Nude-son?”

Telemarker #2: “Let see it. Oh, yeah, I would say Nude-son too."

Telemarker #1: “Well, their machine said, ‘You have reached the Kanud-sens.'” And then, the telemarketer erupts into a convulsive laugh.

I had no idea the pronunciation of our last name, could evoke such a fit of laughter. It’s probably a classic you-had-to-be-there story but it cracks me up every time I replay the message!

Plus, I usually hate telemarketing calls and now I want to answer every phone call because I would definitely recognize her voice (and that crazy laugh). Then, when she asks if she has reached the “Kanud-sens” (all proud that she’s got the name down), I’ll throw her a curve ball and say, “I’m sorry, this is the Nude-sons.”