Thursday, April 12, 2012


"Accessorizing is the best, cheapest, easiest, fastest, and most fun way to amp up your look."

I read the quote above in a fashion magazine (of course). Hats, boots, jewelry, scarves, gloves...accessories run the gamut and I guess they’re pretty much anything we wear in addition to whatever clothes we’re wearing.

But, I am not great when it comes to accessories. In fact, I have more options than I actually take advantage of. Generally I wear the same watch and my heart shaped Tiffany necklace. And that’s about as much accessorizing as I do sometimes.

Awhile back, Nordstrom touted a book alongside their scarves with instructions of 52 different ways to tie a scarf. The number boggled my mind! I can barely come up with a handful of ways when it turns out there are as many options as weeks in the year. Who knew?

Since wardrobe accessories take up space and I like clean spaces, I don’t have much of a shoe, coat, purse, or jewelry collection. Or scarves. But I should probably invest in a few more scarves. Scarves seem to be kind of a therapist staple. Many female therapists almost consider scarves as part of the uniform. In fact, if Nordstrom still has that booklet around, it could be helpful to come up with creative ways to tie and wear scarves. In the meantime, I guess my daughters can show me a few of the tricks.