Sunday, April 1, 2012

General Conference 2012...

We need tickets! (April Fools!)

We didn’t need to scavenge tickets this year! Whew! Brent’s strategy to get into General Conference sessions he isn’t holding tickets for is just to mooch. And, it usually works, but I don’t like to canvas the crowd.

Luckily, this year we came with a few tickets and then well-connected Mike Dunn supplied us with tickets for any sessions we lacked. So, thankfully Mike saved us from begging for seats.

Yesterday we attended both sessions and Brent went to priesthood too. Once I’m seated I enjoy being “live” but I’m not a fan of the crowds and lines before and after.

The Saturday talks were great but like a great spread at a buffet, I wish I could spread them out. I’m never sure if some inspire me more due to the order I hear them; in other words, before my attention span starts to wane a little. However, my favorite from Saturday morning was President Eyring and he was the last speaker, so that spoils that theory. But, to confirm the theory, Elder Holland was my favorite talk on Saturday afternoon and he was the first speaker.

And, more good talks to come today. So back to the Conference Center we go.

"You can’t be right by doing wrong and you can’t be wrong by doing right.” - Elder Ulisses Soares, quoting a formula used by President Monson