Saturday, April 14, 2012

The garage hierarchy...

My Volvo has been demoted. Banished. Summarily dismissed. Exiled to the cruel elements of nature!

Think of the injustice! The Volvo is the oldest car in our fleet. Actually, I guess the Defender is the oldest, but still. It feels like our new electric vehicle is taking a seat on the bus from an old lady!

There is no longer a bay in the garage for my ever dependable and notoriously safe Volvo. After years of loyalty, how do we show our gratitude? By taking away it’s parking privileges. Now the Volvo has to jockey for position in the driveway. Every day this past week it’s been rained on and no one seems very concerned that the Volvo (which was nicely cleaned before the onslaught of rain) sits outside getting completely soaked.

Because the Volvo was never named but it now feels a little like the Toy Story discards (getting bumped from the line-up for the new electric BMW), I think I’ll call it Woody! At this point the Volvo can certainly relate to Woody’s plight!