Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Transit...

Andie had a tiny issue recently when someone at church tracked her down and grilled her on special ed minutiae.

Later, when we were discussing options for those frustrating times when we get accosted with someone’s battery of questions, Deanna (Webb’s girlfriend) gave us 2 great lines to use.

If the grand inquisitor is someone we'd prefer to end the conversation as quickly as possible, Deanna suggested we simply say we’re “in transit” to imply we can’t stop to chat or answer or engage in their long-winded conversation, thank-you-very-much.

If we’d like to talk but feel in a rush we can just announce “walk with me” basically telling the person we’d like to talk to them (or, listen might be more accurate) but we’re so busy at that moment, that they’ve got to follow us around.

I’ve never told anyone I’m “in transit” (although I will now! thanks Deanna!) but I’ve actually beckoned Andie to “walk with me” all the time. She’s faithfully followed me around the house while I put away laundry numerous times.

We like Deanna’s sage advice! The next time I’m awkwardly cornered I can just shrug my head, give a quizzical I’m-sorry-about-this look and apologetically remark that I’m in transit. I’ll keep you posted on the effectiveness of both phrases. Even if they don’t really work I definitely like the sound of them. "In transit” especially has a nice ring to it!