Monday, April 23, 2012

Look who’s here...

In our sincere effort to make our home an always hospitable environment, we’re trying to implement a new practice we learned about in April’s General Conference.  

When Elder Larry Wilson spoke about principles that guide us in the church and in our homes, he gave a sweet example from President Monson’s biography.  

Ann Dibb, 2nd counselor in the YW General Presidency, is also the Monson’s daughter.  Ann is probably close to my age but whenever she goes to her parents home, even as an adult, she always gets the same reaction.  

As Ann walks in the front door, her father says:  “Oh, look who’s here.  And aren’t we glad, and isn’t she beautiful?”  Ann notes that her parents always give her some compliment regardless of what she looks like or what she has been doing.  

So, we’ve been practicing with Andie, since she lives nearby and when Paige and Webb return home to visit we’ll try our new verbiage out on them.  “Oh, look who’s here.  It’s Andie.  And aren’t we glad, and isn’t she beautiful?”  Maybe we’ll edit it a touch for Webb to “isn’t he handsome?,” but overall we like the sentiment a lot.  And, no surprise here, but so does Andie!