Friday, April 6, 2012

Belated Birthday Dog!

2 days ago, Ernie turned 2!

Unlike children, dogs at age 2 should theoretically be over the stages of infantile behavior, tantrums and nasty oral fixations that cause them to chew through slippers and furniture.

So, our granddoggy is officially two. Ernie’s birthday is actually on April 4th but I forgot (there’s a lame grandmom for you!)

Plus, I couldn’t find a baby picture of Ernie but the photo attached should show how remarkable it is that Ernie has survived and made it to the 2 year milestone. Note to Webb - please don’t ever throw any of my grandchildren into the air like this!

When I look at Ernie’s ears and tail in the photo it almost looks like he could take flight! What a good sport Ernie is!

And in the best news, Ernie has arrived and is here in Los Gatos all ready to celebrate. Which means that I’d better get my act together and figure out what sort of a celebration Ernie envisions for his 2nd birthday! Does Ernie think his birthday status might entitle him to indoor privileges? Uh-oh!