Sunday, April 29, 2012

Apple Aficionado.....

I LOVE apples.  But, I am really persnickety about which apples I favor.  

Now, with bananas it’s nearly impossible for me to find bananas in the perfect stage of ripeness (green but not too green, reaching a yellow hue but no signs of brown).  But, with apples, if I purchase the right kinds, I am quite content.  And, unlike bananas, their lengthy shelf life works for me.  

Did you know there are 7500 varieties of apples worldwide but only 20 are grown in the  US? 

And, speaking of kinds, I’ve been unable to locate any Grapples (the grape apple) in the Bay Area but my 2 favorites models lately are Pink Lady apples and Honey Crisp apples.  Both of these are fantastic when they are cold and sliced with sea salt.  Yum!  

And, apparently, for what it’s worth, Yale University researchers have discovered a new route to relaxation: inhaling the scent of apples. Tests conducted with an apple fragrance showed a calming response in the lab, so a whiff of an apple scent may help anxiety attacks.  Good to know!  

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