Thursday, April 19, 2012

Whose “EDGY” now?

So, in one of my psychology courses on Tuesday, Dr. Giacalone had our class take a client’s vignette and frame a therapeutic restatement. If this sounds a little abstract, don’t worry, since that isn’t the point.

The point, is that when he made every student read their draft, he paused after my turn, thought a minute and exclaimed: “Hmmm, that’s really edgy!” Since I’m the old geezer in this class of 20-something year-olds, we all thought his comment was pretty funny and I assured him my own kids would find it mind boggling that I’d been noted as “edgy.”

It turns out that he meant “edgy” as a good thing and he liked my phraseology although I wasn’t sure at first. And, since this is the first time (probably in the history of my life) that I am aware of being called “edgy” I thought the quote should be duly noted in my blog. In case you ever want to call me boring or frumpy (or worse), please remember that I have also been called “edgy!”