Thursday, April 26, 2012

Will Speak For Fritters....

Forget, “Will Work for Food.” Knudsens will speak in public with the promise of a greasy Apple Fritter for reward!  Yes, I believe talks in church should be duly compensated!

The tradition roots back to a time in La Jolla when Brent might have inadvertently caught a few zzz’s while sitting on the stand at church.  I had 2 strategic approaches:  I could send one of the kiddos to sit on his lap, which kept him alert, but sometimes provided other distractions. So, bribery was the next resort. If he stayed awake, the next day I’d treat him to an apple fritter.

Now, apple fritters have become a thumbs-up symbol for a job well done in church speaking assignments.  Still, the Los Gatos gospel doctrine instructor hasn’t received any fritters so I guess I’ve got to really hone my teaching skills to earn any accolades.

But, Paige spoke in her Huntington Beach Ward on Sunday and Korey was kind enough to honor the Knudsen tradition and present Paige with an apple fritter on Monday.  Brent also spoke last weekend.  Multiple times, if you include his Sunday Stake Conference talk, conducting, the Saturday Adult Session, and the Priesthood Leadership Meeting.  It was basically the 1st Saratoga Stake Conference under his charge.  And, Brent never slept on the stand either, which is lucky since Andie was the only kid at conference and she’s a little to old to wander up to wake him.  And, I’ve been remiss so I definitely owe him a couple greasy fritters!