Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2011 Boston Marathon...It’s a Wrap!

“Only a short stretch of the Boston Marathon is along Boylston street, but it is where the long months of training somehow seem worthwhile. The stiffness and soreness from a hard day's work will fade, but memories of this final straightaway will remain forever."-Boston, Hal Higdon

The girls all agree: turning the last corner onto the Boylston Street straightaway with the Finish Line in view is quite a rush! It’s a well earned memory that they’ll have forever. A souvenir you can’t buy!

Yesterday was pretty incredible! Our trio of runners had a amazing time running the Boston Marathon and they raced it more like veterans than first time novices on the course.

There is an energy in New England for the Boston Marathon that’s unrivaled. From Hopkinton to Framingham to Natick to Wellesley to Newton t0 Brookline to Boston, every town the course winds through, the streets are lined with wildly cheering crowds.

A Kenyan ran the fastest time ever for a marathon; 2 hours, 3 minutes, 2 seconds! American Ryan Hall took 5th place but still ran a faster time than any American has ever run a marathon. American woman Desiree Davila took 2nd place and was only 2 seconds behind the Kenya woman winner. Imagine that! It’s heartbreaking but I loved Davila’s great sportsmanship, exhibited by this quote in the New York Times: “It was just a perfect day for me...other than not winning.”

While I can’t really speak for Andie, Paige, and Jennifer, I think that they would agree: It was a perfect day for them! Besides, they are all winners in my book! They came and they conquered!

“Finishing a marathon forces everyone to bring the mind and body together and to reach for extra resources from the power of the human spirit.” -Jeff Galloway