Saturday, April 2, 2011

Park City! At Last...

After a comedy of errors on Friday morning we finally arrived at our destination: Park City!

We spent Thursday night in Wendover on the Utah side which basically consists of one Quality (interpret loosely) Inn. It’s spartan but it beats sleeping along the Nevada side of Wendover with it’s line-up of conspicuous consumption casinos.

By forgetting to gas up in the morning we were doomed along the Bonneville Salt Flats with stretches of “No Services.” Cruising along and suddenly boom, we were out of gas! What idiots!

Then Triple AAA couldn’t find us, then we had trouble with the car key, then we were rescued by the nicest doo-rag dude with more tatoos showing than skin, then we took a wrong exit, then Brent needed two bathroom stops within a ten minute span, etc. A “when it rains, it pours” morning (sans rain).

Needless to say, Brent might not be so keen on future road trip proposals. But in spite of the glitches (which were all relatively minor - just the cumulative frustration), it was still a fun excursion and the day got significantly better upon our Park City arrival. Whew!

We do love Park City! Brent still laments the day his father turned down an investment opportunity in Park City (maybe 40 years ago) and if the right situation came along I think Brent would be happy to own property here.

In the meantime, even without real estate, we almost think of it as a second home. We like Park City in every season (which I can’t say for all of Utah when it’s too hot or too cold). We like the proximity to extended family (close but not too close). We like the art. We like the mountains. We like the restaurants (especially the new one we tried last night: Talisaker on Main).

Actually there isn’t much about Park City we don’t like. Well, maybe when the ski resort gets too crowded. But we like the resort, just not the crowds.

So, at last, it feels like a mini vacation. Oh yeah, we like vacations too!