Sunday, April 3, 2011

Life, LIBERTY, and the Pursuit of Happiness

Saturday was memorable! A gorgeous day in Park City. Skiing for me, snowboarding for Brent, and catching a little of the Saturday General Conference.

Brent listens while boarding (recreation, church, it’s all good) but I can’t multi task like that. My coordination skills allow me to ski or take counsel from apostles but not both simultaneously. Although I got a play by play (talk by talk) synopsis from Brent each ride on the chair lift which was handy.

After skiing, it was off to Liberty, Utah to find the newlyweds (Anita and Robb) happily ensconced in their new diggs. Their incredible diggs!

The house is pretty amazing, in every way. In fact, it’s pretty ridiculous that their home isn’t the featured photo today, but wouldn’t you know it, I forgot to take pictures (dummy!). My official photographer, Anita, will have to send me a stunning shot!

In the meantime, the picture posted is one Anita took at Snow Basin which is basically their neighbor (nice stomping grounds when your neighborhood includes an Olympic ski resort).

Anita and I got to hang out while the guys went to the priesthood meeting. Anita fixed a delicious dinner and we enjoyed meeting Robb’s nice sons, returned missionary, Chase, and awaiting his call missionary, Luke.

The life in Liberty, Utah bodes well for anyone pursuing happiness. At least it’s certainly working for two of the new residents, Anita and Robb!